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I am a DJ and producer from Basel, Switzerland. I started producing music back in 2010 and whenever I got some spare time I try to sharpen my producing skills to create better tracks or I just mix some new tunes with my friends. Besides producing I also like to DJ (started back in 2006) or create individual live sets which suit the event and the crowd. The style I play is mainly tech house with some French house influences and a touch of old school house tracks. In the past I played in a lot of clubs in Basel and at some other smaller gigs outside of Basel.

The most important thing is that the music has the right groove and what keeps me going is the smile on the peoples face when they hear the music I play.



I learned djing with real vinyls back in 2006 with the help of Fred Linger, a good friend of mine, and I also experimented with software mixing at that time. The next phase was a setup based on Traktor and two control vinyls. I like this as you can easily use your mp3’s to mix. After some time with Traktor I also wanted to learn how to dj with CDJ’s. Then I bought two of them and started to learn it and now I am able to use them too.

Live sets

Besides djing with vinyls or CDJ’s I also experimented and had some nice gigs with Ableton Live based live sets. Here a friend of mine and I acted as “die goldbrenner” from 2010 – 2012 where we used to play with live sets. Our sets were a mixture of tracks, percussions, synths and sometimes we used the keyboard along to play some basslines. The cool thing was we could create create remixes of tracks on the go and we always had a great intro to our sets.


Back in 2010 I also started to produce tracks with Ableton live. I dived into this topic as I wanted to get to know the processes and tools which are needed to create own tracks. My tracks do not have a unique style as I always want to experiment with other styles. I always try to get better in producing the tracks and I hope that some people also like/play them :).

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